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CAITLIN GRAHAM - Wattles on Chifley Road

CAITLIN GRAHAM - Wattles on Chifley Road


Lino block relief print, Edition of 6. 2021

37 x 37cm



"My name is Caitlin Graham, I am a young emerging artist from the Lithgow area. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School in Darlinghurst, Sydney, majoring in printmaking.

My work is a celebration of all my passions and everything I have learnt thus far in my artistic career. I love to create works that highlight our regions beauty and uniqueness, threading my love for architecture, mathematics and landscapes throughout my works.

A goal of mine is to also share our distinct perspective as an industrial and coal dependant area with a broader audience and bring light to some local issues through my art.

Working mainly in the lino block relief printing technique, I create striking and intriguing works in arange of beautiful styles.


Walking along Chifley Road with my Mum we came across huge and splendorous wattle trees in full bloom. This artwork captures a delicate and intimate moment with a low hanging branch. The soft flowers sitting gracefully within the circular window.

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